Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Photoreflector Ver 2.0

Photoreflector V2 is an intelligent sensor modules that can be used to detect objects / bands of color (light colored lines with a dark background or vice versa). This module is able to learn to distinguish the lines and backgrounds, and able to adapt to changes in ambient light. The sensor module is equipped with a TTL UART and I2C interface. Examples of applications  Photoreflector V2 among others to line tracking / following, robot navigation, obstacle detection, or other applications that use pronsip light reflection.

- Based microcontroller specifically designed to be able to process data from the 8 modules photoreflector infrared sensor.
- To receive input from the 8 modules photoreflector infrared sensor.
- Path I / O is compatible with TTL and CMOS voltage levels.
- Equipped with the interface:
- UART TTL (baud rate of 38400 bps)
- I²C (maximum bit rate of 100 kHz)
- 8 pieces Photoreflector can work on one I²C communication lines.
- The optimal distance sensor for object / lane about 4-6 mm.
- There 500K Ohm potentiometer for setting the sensor output at Photoreflector Sensor V2.
- The maximum sampling rate of 250 Hz sensor.
- Sources of power supply using voltage 9-12 VDC through a regulator or a voltage 4.8 to 5.4 VDC without going through the regulator.
- There are examples of applications reading and calibration of  Photoreflector V2 with I²C interface based  Low Cost Micro System using C language (CodeVisionAVR ©).

- 1 piece  Photoreflector V2.
- 1 set  Photoreflector V2 Sensor (4 pcs Sensor and connecting cable).