Thursday, October 20, 2016

CT01 Bulb (Zigbee ZHA/ZLL) Warm - Cool White

CT01 is a light bulb that can be controlled via smart smartphone via wireless Zigbee protocol ZHA / ZLL. You can control this smart lights wirelessly using an application called "Eachone" which is already available to users smartphone operating system Android / iOS. Smart lights is also very power efficient, because it comes from LED lighting source with a total power consumption of only 7 watts.

- Source Lighting: LED
- Input Voltage: 175-265 VAC
- Power consumption: 7 W
- Arc of Light: 520 lm
- Arc of Light Efficiency: 80 lm / w
- CRI: 80 ra
- Working temperature: -20 - 40 ° C
- Of Life: 25000 hours
- Material: Plastic

Note: To be able to function normally this product requires 

minimum android version is 
Lollipops 5.0.1