Sunday, October 09, 2016

Analog Input / Output module

Analog Input / Output is a module comprising ADC0809CCN Analog to Digital Converter and Digital to Analog Converter TLC5628CN. So that these modules can be used to convert digital data into analog voltage and vice versa to convert analog voltage to digital data. This module is suitable for applications gauge / temperature controller, motor speed control, robotics, etc.

- 8-channel 8-bit Analog to Digital Converter (ADC):
Analog input range 0-5 Volts.
The conversion time of 100 us.
Error +/- 1 LSB maximum.
Parallel interface compatible with TTL level.
Can work stand alone.
Available channel pin jumpers to set the hardware address.
- 8-channel 8-bit Voltage Output Digital to Analog Converter (DAC):
Range of analog output can be programmed 1x or 2x (0 to 2.5 volts or 0-5 volts)
Settling Time 10 ms.
Linearity error +/- 1 LSB maximum.
Serial interface.
- Requires 5 Volt DC power supply.