Sunday, October 30, 2016

ESP8266 SMD Adapter Board R2 Attributes: with soldered ESP-12F

An adapter board that can change the pins on ESP8266 ESP-12 into a format SMD DIP / PTH. In the R2 version of this has been to improve the compatibility, this adapter board supports ESP-07, ESP-12 and ESP-12F latest version has an additional 6 pin (SPI and I / O).


- Input voltage: 5V
- Output current: 0.5 - 1A (not for serial port and port I / O more)
- Equipped with on-board LDO for voltage of 3.3V,
- Equipped with 1K resistor between VCC CHPD and serves to activate the chip
- Equipped with buttons and button reset button flashing firmware (GPIO0)
- Dimensions: 25.4 x 33 mm