Thursday, October 20, 2016

MaKey MaKey - Standard Kit

MaKey MaKey Standard Kit is a developer board that allows you to change the objects - objects around into the keyboard. This product uses high beresistansi switch is useful to detect a touch you do with objects that have been designated as input. This product uses MCU IC ATmega32U4 that can communicate with your computer via a protocol Human Interface Device (HID), so you can enable the MaKey MaKey Standard Kit as a keyboard or mouse.

- Powered MCU ATmega32U4
- 6 pieces of input
- Can change all kinds of things into the keyboard
- Using high-switch beresistansi
- Supports protocol Human Interface Device (HID)
- Compatible with Arduino
- Completeness: MaKey MaKey HID board, Alligator Clip Pack, Mini USB Cable, Jumper Wire Pack