Monday, February 28, 2011


VINCULUM USB-HOST Starter Kit is a USB host controller module that can be used to interface a USB device via UART, parallel FIFO and SPI. This module can be used for applications related to USB devices such as access USB data, communicate with a HID (Human Interface Device), CDC (Communication Device Class) and compatible with other FTDI devices. Interface UART, parallel FIFO and SPI are supported by this module has a voltage level compatible with TTL voltage levels. This will allow users to link this module with microcontroller-based system / microprocessor.
Dimensions : 9.2 cm (L) x 7.3 cm (W) x 1.3 cm (H)
    * Based VNC1L IC that functions as a USB host controller
* There are 2 USB ports that can be connected with USB flash disks, USB devices HID, CDC or any other FTDI devices.
* Support the interface UART, parallel FIFO and SPI with TTL voltage level (5 volt tolerant).
* The UART interface supports baud rate 300 bps to 1 Mbps, with the default configuration of 9600 bps, 8, N, 1, flow control CTS / RTS.
* The SPI interface serves as the SPI slave with clock speeds up to 12 MHz.
* Line interface can be accessed through a header which is equipped housing so as to minimize wiring errors.
* The selection interface is done through the configuration jumper settings.
* Available for IC VNC1L the reset button.
* Available LED indicators for port USB1, USB2, power supplies and programs.
* Using the SMD components and aluminum capacitors makes this module compact size.
* 5 VDC power supply is equipped with a safety blue terminal polarity via 2 pin making it easier for cable installation.
* The software (firmware) VNC1L IC can be updated, the update files can be obtained from the website VINCULUM.
* Includes software to help update the firmware IC VNC1L via computer.
* Available IC firmware update guide VNC1L through UART interface.
* Equipped with a schematic circuit and test program for the module.


* 1 unit VINCULUM board USB-HOST Starter KIT.
* CD / DVD-ROM contains the datasheet, firmware VNC1L, VNC1L firmware update software, test programs, manuals, and schematic firmware update procedure.