Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Propeller P8X32A 8-Cog Multiprocessor Microcontrollers

The Propeller chip is designed to provide high-speed processing for embedded systems while maintaining low current consumption and a small physical footprint. In addition to being fast, the Propeller chip provides flexibility and power through its eight processors, called cogs, that can perform simultaneous tasks independently or cooperatively, all while maintaining a relatively simple architecture that is easy to learn and utilize. Two programming languages are available: Spin (a high-level object-based language) and Propeller Assembly. Both include custom commands to easily manage the Propeller chip’s unique features.

P8X32A-D40 : 40 pin DIP, 32 Pin I/O, 3.3 VDC supply, clock speed DC to 80MHz, 12 MHz internal oscillator, 0 to 160 MIPS speed processing

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