Thursday, February 24, 2011

30 Channel Delta Servo Controller

30 Channel Delta Servo Controller is a servo motor controller module via the serial port. Servo motor movements arranged by using PWM in which the position of the servo is determined by the PWM pulse width. In mechanical RĂ²botic Application for example , there more than one servo's movement controlled.

This will be quite complicated when performed by a microcontroller where the microcontroller is still to be developed for other functions of the robotic.

The Device which has 30 channels that can control the position of 30 servo motors and through data sent from the serial port would be very helpful in this regard. The main microcontroller only send a commands to the position of each servo. Addition servo positioning  also commands for the current servo position.

- 30 Channel Servo
- Can learn the value of each PWM servo
- Through hole Printed Circuit Board