Wednesday, February 02, 2011

CDM4160, CO2 gas sensor by Figaro

CDM4160 is a new unit which uses TGS4160, Figaro's durable solid electrolyte CO2 sensor. Due to Figaro’s proprietary idea for signal processing with a microcomputer, no maintenance is required for this module. By application of DC voltage to the module, an analog output voltage proportional to CO2 concentration can be obtained. The module can generate a control signal based on a user-selectable threshold concentration. The features mentioned above make this module ideal for air quality control applications in homes, offices and factories as well as in the field of agriculture.

Features & Applications:

* High selectivity to CO2 
* Indoor air quality control in offices,
* Long life homes, and factories
* Maintenance free 
* CO2 monitors
* Pre-calibrated 
* Agricultural applications
* Low cost
* Wide detection range
* Excellent durability 

Product name :Carbon dioxide (CO2) sensor module
Model No.  CDM4160-L00 CDM4160-M00              CDM4160-H00
Detection range                  400 to 4,500ppm                    400 to 9,000ppm                    400 to 45,000ppm
Sensor (principle)  TGS4160 (Solid state electrolyte)
Accuracy (*1)       Approx. ±20%
Power supply        DC5.0±0.2V regulated
Power consumption 1.3W (typical)
Inrush current         600mA (max)
Operational temperature -10˚~+50˚C, 5~95%RH (avoid condensation)
humidity range Storage temperature   -20˚~+60˚C, 5~90%RH (pack in a moisture proof bag) humidity range
Warm up time       2 hours
Continuous analog output proportional to CO2  concentration
CO2 concentration
           signal (*2)             Vconc    CO2 concentration/1,000   Vconc   CO2 concentration/2,000    Vconc   CO2 concentration/10,000
                                         (DC 4.5V full scale)               (DC 4.5V full scale)                (DC 4.5V full scale)
                                                ON: HIGH output (when CO2  conc. exceeds threshold)
Control signal                                                    OFF: LOW output
                                  800/  1,000/  1,500/ 2,000 (ppm)  1,000/ 2,000/ 5,000/ 8,000 (ppm)  5,000/  10,000/ 20,000/ 40,000 (ppm) ON: LOW output (sensor trouble)
Trouble signal: OFF: FLOAT NC
                                                   Green LED: Lights while power is on (blinks during warm up)
LED display                                             Yellow LED: Blinks during trouble
                                                  Red LED: Lights when CO2  concentration exceeds the threshold
Reset switch :Establishes the ambient CO2  concentration as 400ppm when pushed
Dimension : 45 x 60 x 31mm (45 x 67 x 31mm incl. CN1)
Weight :approx. 22g