Sunday, November 23, 2008

DS2760 Thermocouple Kit

The DS2760 Thermocouple Kit provides a low-cost, reliable means of measuring temperature over a wide range. The Dallas/ Maxim DS2760 High Precision Li+ Battery Monitor is very easily configured into an effective thermocouple interface. The Parallax DS2760 Thermocouple Module capitalizes on this application and provides a complete connection between any BS2p BASIC stamp microcontroller and a standard thermocouple element.

The DS2760 Thermocouple has the following features:
• 1-Wire interface allows multiple devices with just one BASIC Stamp I/O pin
• Cold Junction measurement: 0° C to +127° C (0.125° C resolution)
• Low power consumption: Active current = 90 μA max, Sleep current: 2 μA max

The kit also includes 3 Thermocouple elements:
• K-type: 32° F to 1873° F (0° to 1023° C)
• J-type: 32° F to 1873° F (0° to 1023° C)
• T-type: 32° F to 752° F (0° to 400° C)

This product is ideally suited to work with a BASIC Stamp 2p module (BS2P24-IC, BS2P40-IC, BS2PE-IC). Other BASIC Stamp modules will require a Serial-to-1‑Wire protocol converter, as well as code to manage the large tables across program slots, thus we recommend the BS2p series.