Friday, November 21, 2008

PFH-9210 Long Range RFID reader

Pegasus PFH-9210 series Long range rfid reader with dual frequency* active tag 433.9MHz and pasive tag 125KHz. Designed for hand-free personal and vehicle access control , product tracking, vehicle and driver ID, process control and so on applications. Depending on models , the pfh9210-60 can read pasive tag up to 60 cm, and so on PFH9210-90 can read pasive tag up to 90 cm (GK-4001). Also PFH9210-620 can read active tag PFH-620 up to 6 meters.

The PFH-9210 series readers can read cards or multiple tags and then provide the different signal formats, incluing Wiegand, ABA, RS-232C, RS-485 or USB (optional). Multiple format ouputs in simple reader is possible to enable more than two data acquisition systems to be addressed simultaneously according to the reader configuration.

*depend on models/type.