Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Spin shooter , soccer robot

With legs rather than wheels this 3 motored striker can turn fast and is ideal for goal scoring. The kit comes in clear plastic and can be painted in your own team colours. It is controlled in the same way as the Star-Shooter via a hard wired hand controller and 2 metre lead.
Football is generally be played on a ping-pong table or equivalent, around which fences should be placed as well as a goal at each end. The ball is simply a brightly coloured ping-pong ball. Teams are generally between 1 and 3 players and each half of the game is usually 5 minutes long, changing ends at half-time.
A ball-gathering competition could also be played, as seen here, in which teams of Star and Spin Shooter robots score as many goals as possible using a large number of balls.
Both the Spin Shooter and the Star Shooter are very simple soccer-playing robots, which cannot hope to compete against the more "professional" software-driven robo-soccer bots such as the MIABOTS.

However, in their own way, these bots can provide a great deal of fun in friendly matches between friends.