Wednesday, November 12, 2008


RoboBuilder is the new building block robot kit. Designed for robot enthusiasts and education alike RoboBuilder hits a sweet spot with feature packed kits at great prices. RoboBuilder focused on form as much as function creating a great looking robot at the same time. The 5720T kit even sports translucent plastic with multicolored internal LEDs.
  • Compact design
  • Quick & simple joint assembly
  • Speed & torque control
  • Multi-drop full duplex UART serial communication
  • External I/O support
  • Precise PID control
  • Reverse voltage & over current protection
  • Metal bearings
  • Multiple easy to use software interfaces
  • Distance & sound detection
Once the robot is built there are multiple easy to use software interfaces to play with; WCK Programmer, Motion Builder, Action Builder, & Diagnostics interface. RoboBuilder is ready to move as soon as he is assembled and using the software you can program your own humanoid motions in just 10 minutes.
With the included "Motion Builder" and "Action Builder" programming software, users can program their robot with both remote-controlled and autonomous behaviors. Motions can be created using the "pose and capture" method, wherein the user poses the robot manually, saves the servo positions, and strings together a sequence of poses and transitions to create a complete, fluid motion. Behaviors can be triggered by sensor values, or by commands from the included IR remote control.
The smart, serially controlled actuators provide valuable feedback data such as speed, position, and torque. Each actuator can be programmed with limits for each of these variables, and the PID control algorithms are fully customizable.
With a simple command, the actuators can be switched from angular control (servo) mode to continuous rotation (DC motor) mode, allowing you to drive joints and wheels with the same actuator modules. They even include two additional digital output pins and one analog input so users can further expand their capabilities.

There are several different varieties of wCK actuator modules available. The standard kits come with wCK-1111 and wCK-1108 actuators. The maximum torque is 11 kg*cm and 8 kg*cm, respectively. The wCK-1111's use a lower gear ratio for added torque and metal gears for added durability.

Another unique feature of these actuators is their additional I/O port., 2 TTL-level digital output pins and one 0-5V analog input pin are exposed. (In the transparent actuators, the digital outputs are used to control the LED's.)