Saturday, October 08, 2016

NCS6S4805C 6Watt isolated DC/DC converter

NCS6S4805C is an isolated DC / DC converter with a power of 6 watts. NCS6S4805C has an input voltage range between 18V to 75V with output voltage of 5V. NCS6S4805C packaged using all-metal housing that aims to meningkatatkan protection against EMI and high temperatures. NCS6S4805C is ideal when applied to telecommunications systems, bertenagakan device battery, and process control.

- Total Output: 1 Output
- Output Power: 6 W
- Input voltage: 18 V ~ 75 V
- Output Voltage: 5 V
- Flow Output: 1.2 A
- Isolation Voltage: 1.5 KV
- Packaging: Tube