Saturday, February 13, 2016

WS-818 Digital alcohol tester with alarm

This tool is measuring the level of alcohol in our body. Has a very compact form so it is easy to carry.
Some abbreviations we need to know:
BAC = Blood Alcohol Concentration (blood alcohol content).
BRAC = Breath Alcohol Concentration (level of alcohol in the respiratory tract).
Sample readings: For example in the tool displays a BAC of 0.03%, it means our body contains 0,03g of alcohol per 100ml of blood.

- Various conversion:% BAC | mg / L
- Already, there are "Mouthpiece" (the part where we blow air from your mouth to the tool). This section can be changed and are included in the sales package.
- LCD screen with backlit blue to display the number of measurements.
- Sound the alarm loud enough.
- Using the power 3x AAA size batteries.
- There is a manual for instructions.