Friday, February 12, 2016

H28 16 bit Analog-to-digital

The H28 is a 16 bit Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC), which employs a delta-sigma conversion technique. With the linear input signal range of 324 mVPP, its resolution is 14 bits. 

The H28 is designed especially to meet the requirement for low power consumption, thus making it an ideal choice for battery powered systems. The H28 is equipped with a standby function, i. E. The ADC is in power down between each conversion. By utilizing this and overall low power consumption, current consumption values of 1.2uA or less can be achieved (one conversion in a second; Fast mode conversion time 16 ms). 

The H28 has an on-chip second order decimator filter to process the output of the second order modulator. The ADC also has two selectable conversion ranges with two optional offset levels. A bi-directional 2-wire I2C bus is used for configuring conversion parameters, starting conversion and reading out the A/D conversion result. 

H28 has one input channel suitable for piezo-resistive pressure sensor. In addition to pressure measurement configuration the device can be configured to temperature measurement. 

  • Low Standby Current Consumption 0.1uA 
  • Low Supply Current: 0.2uA - 1.6uA 
  • Supply Voltage: 2.0V - 5.0V 
  • Ratiometric Conversion 
  • Two Input Signal Ranges (VDD=2.35V): 405 mVPP, 105 mVPP 
  • Two Optional Offsets (VDD=2.35V): 25 mV, 33 mV 
  • Over Sampling Ratio: 512, 256, 128, 64 
  • Conversion Times 32.2 ms - 2.5 ms 
  • In Fast Mode: Over Sampling Ratio 64, 
  • Conversion Time=2.5 ms, Resolution=10 Bits 
  • Good Noise Performance due to (sigma~delta) Architecture 
  • 2-Wire I2C Interface 

  • Battery Powered Systems 
  • Low Frequency Measurement Applications 
  • Pressure and Temperature Measurement 
  • Current/Power Consumption Critical Systems 
  • Industrial and Process Control Applications in Noisy Environments 
  • Weather forecast