Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Sphero Star Wars BB-8

Sphero Star Wars BB-8, 
Show that you are a Star Wars fan to have a BB-8 adorable robot that moves swiftly to control the smartphone. If you follow the sequel to 7th Star Wars: The Force Awakens then you certainly will not be familiar with this one robot figure. BB-8 is a spherical robot Astromech Droid where he was a loyal follower of Poe Dameron which is the pilot of the Resistance who fought against the First Order, which is a military organization whose ambition to dominate the galaxy. In the middle of his journey, BB-8 separated by Poe Dameron and met with Rey on the planet Jakku so-new adventure began.

In addition to walking can be controlled using a control smartphone, BB-8 also have different capabilities with other robots which adaptive personality in accordance with the way you play it. Based on your interactions play, BB-8 will provide a variety of expressions and can even delight when you give voice commands. BB-8 can also be ordered to patrol and autonomous moving to explore the surroundings. In addition BB-8 can also do the recording and ran the virtual holographic message that can make you wonder. Create your own adventure and BB-8 make your loyal followers.

- Supports Android 4.4.2+, iOS 4.0+
- Bluetooth Connection
- Inductive charging (wireless charging)
- The battery capacity of up to 60 minutes
- Gyroscopic propulsion
- App-enabled
- Reach 30 meter control.