Thursday, September 15, 2011


SIC-SKD7001 T5557 EM Encoder

Multipurpose RFID reader / writer with Windows application software for the low frequency RFID FDX series. This Simulator Kit Development (SKD) SIC-SKD7001 is used for evaluating and exploring various features of low frequency FDX RFID series from Silicon Craft Technology (SIC). The SIC-SKD7001 contains many essential functions for example reading, writing, accessing to a specific portion of data, etc. The SIC-SKD7001 will guide user/developer to quickly understand the operations and capabilities of the SIC FDX-RFID microchips. The SIC-SKD7001 is suitable for system integrators and hardware/software developers who have to be involved in the field of low frequency RFID.

- Frequency: 100-150 kHz.
- Protocol: SIC.
- Modulation: Manchester, Bi-Phase.
- Data bit rate: RF/32, RF/64.
- Serial interface RS232 UART (USB Optional)
- Type of chip: SIC7771,