Thursday, September 29, 2011

Caterpillar Robot Kit by Arexx

This is the Arexx Caterpillar Robot Kit. The Caterpillar is a unique robot that moves without wheels or legs. Precision ABS plastic parts and 8 micro servos allow realistic movement without complex programming. The transparent body is fitted with LEDs and looks great in the dark. The antennae changes colour when they touch an object.

This kit features roll sensor for self righting, 8 servos for realistic movement, sharp GP2D 12 can measure distance up to 1.5m away and give your robot infrared vision to avoid obstacles from a distance. This robot can move away from or investigate sounds. You can also add a second set of LEDs in a range of colours to brighten the appearance of your caterpillar.

• 8 DOF
• Can be programmed by the user
• Additional inputs for a wide range of sensors
• Moves without wheels or legs
• Precision ABS plastic parts and 8 micro servos
• Transparent body fitted with LEDs
• Sharp GP2D 12 measures distance up to 1.5m