Thursday, September 22, 2011


AVRPLC16 v6 is a AVR based PLC system with 8 opto-inputs and 16 relays (for currents up to 16A).
System can be placed in box allowing it to be used in moist and dusty environment. Design your AVR based control system very fast and easy.

AVRPLC16 v6 supports Telit GSM/GPRS modules: GM862-GPS, GM862-QUAD-PY and GM862-QUAD. These module can be easily mounted on-board via connector. Also they can be connected to GSM and GPS antennas.

Note: Telit GM862 GSM/GPRS modules, cables and antennas are sold separately.
Board is connected to Ethernet via on-board ENC28J60 (28-pin, 10BASE-T stand alone Ethernet Controller with an SPI interface).

This AVR board has USB 2.0 AVR programmer called AVRprog2. This USB AVR programmer doesn't use boot loader or any similar way of programming. The whole AVR memory and all pins are available for your application. Aside from that, this programmer is fast and easy to use InSystem programmer. This AVR Programmer is driven and powered from a single USB port on your computer. No additional AC power adapter is needed.

The programmer is recognized by Windows, which simplifies driver installation. The programmer board is specifically designed for In-Circuit Serial Programming (ICSP). Also External Programmer and JTAG can be connected with this PLC system, which allows external in-circuit debugging and programming of on-board AVR microcontroller.

Drivers for the on-board programmer are Microsoft® Windows® XP, Windows® Vista and Windows® 7 certified. The Windows certificate is a proof that the programmer supports mentioned Windows operating systems and is immediately recognized by the system, which guarantees correct Plug and Play functionality. Driver certification provides users with a wide range of benefits such as stable functioning, the ability to install and delete drivers without rebooting and compatibility with future versions of Windows.

The PLC System is packed in the protective box along with documentation and software CD. This box is very ressistant to any kinds of damages and shocks. Note: Telit GM862-GPS module with antennas and cables, UTP Cable, CAN-SPI board, MMC/SD card are sold separately.

Package Contains:
  • AVRPLC16 v6 PLC System with ATMEGA32 microcontroller
  • USB cable.
  • CD with software, drivers and examples in C, BASIC and Pascal.
  • Printed Documentation.
  • The Box is very resistant to shock and transport damage.

This product is shipped with fully functional demo version of mikroC PRO for AVR, mikroBasic PRO for AVR and mikroPascal PRO for AVR compilers. In Demo version, hex output is limited to 2k of program words. These compilers comes with selected examples for easier prototype development.