Saturday, September 17, 2011

RoBoard RB-100 Single Board Computer

RoBoard - the heart of robotics, making your robot more active and intelligent. This is not just a simple robot controller, but a truly computer based solution using the Vortex86DX, a 32bit x86 CPU running at 1000MHz with 256MB DRAM.

RoBoard allows users to install the Windows and Linux series O/S through the MicroSD card as bootable storage, allowing users to more easily develop PC based robotic applications. RoBoard is an advanced robot controller for advanced robot development and therefore makes an excellent platform for Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio development. There is also a code sample available to retrofit the Kondo Humanoid Robot with a RoBoard.

RoBoard RB-100 Features:
• Small dimensions: 96 x 56 mm!
• Fanless operation (Heat Sink included, pre-installed)
• Specialized Open Source VC++ Library
• Rich I/O interfaces for servo motors, sensors and more.
• 32 built-in PWM channels to control servo motors or other devices
• 8 24-bit general purpose input/outputs (GPIO),
• RS-232 serial, TTL serial, RS-485, USB V2.0 x 3
• 8 channels 10-bit Analog to Digital Conversion
• SPI/I2C bus
• Audio out & Microphone in
• 10/100M LAN
• Mini PCI socket for adding off-the-shelf Mini PCI components
• Power input range of 6V to 24VDC

• PC based robotics
• Education
• Robotics research
• Home Automation
• Data logging and processing
• Wearable technology
• Tiny servers
• The Heart of your project!