Friday, April 25, 2014

RFID Glass Tag SLG01

SLG01-125KHz LF proximity RFID Glass tag is developed based on SMARTCHIP SMC4100 IC, which is connected to a coil with a few turns and then embedded into bulletproof glass.
It is compatible with the type SL101, SL102 or ISO10536 protocol. This module can be implanted in the animal body (implants) such as dogs, cats, horses, fish and others. 

- Chipset SMC4100
- Working frequency: 125KHz 
- Reading distance: 5cm 
- Format: ISO10536 
- Data bits: 40bit
- Temperature -10 degC ~ +50degC
- Dimensions: Diameter 5.5mm, Length 17mm. 
- Material : Ballproof Glass