Tuesday, April 15, 2014

One-time paper wristband tag with HF or UHF RFID chip

The RFID wristband tag are made of PP (polypropylene Synthetic Paper) with and adjustable holes to fit various wrist sizes. The logo, button and color can be customized. The wristbands are tough, waterproof, non-tear, non-stretch and used for school, hospital, clubs&bars, parks, resorts and so on. We can produce (customize) according to your requirement.

Airport parcel, Parcel tracking / delivery, Travel packing, Hospital /Patient identification, Baby identification, Prison management, Guardianship management , Guest management, Event or ticketing management, Public transport ticketing, etc.

Technical Specs:
  • Material: PP(polypropylene Synthetic Paper)
  • color : White
  • Size: 300* 25 mm(Can be customized)
  • Weight: 2.4g
  • Write Endurance: about 100000 cycles
  • Memory Retention: above 10 years
  • Standard protocol *: ISO14443A; ISO15693; ISO/IEC18000-6C
  • Chip Model *: ICODE SLI; Mifare S50; Mifare ultralight; FM11RF08; Alien H2/H3.
  • Frequency*: HF=13.56 MHz; or UHF 860 - 960 MHz
  • Storage capacity*: 0 bits / 96 bits / 512 bits / 2048 bits
  • Communication speed*: up to 640K bits/s
  • Operating Temperature: -25°C to + 65°C 20%RH~90%RH
  • Storage Temperature: -25°C to + 50°C 20%RH~90%RH
  • Specialty: One-time use, can be installed the reusable button
*Option, customize by user and/or application needed