Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Mifare card UID reader PP-110/M2

Contactless Smart Card Reader Module (Mifare). This module can be used to store data, such as access control, ticketing, auto sales, transit cards and various prepaid cards.


  • Standard Wiegand 26 bits format output and Pegasus proprietary serial(RS-232C, F15-485, RS-422) format.
  • Easin interfaced with Pegasus or other standard access controller. 
  • Compact size with oontaotless reading technology for passive smart oard , keyfobs and EM oord. 
  • Low profile end designed for indoor or outdoor (models with expoxy) application. 
  • Auto power reset with CPU watchdog function. 
  • Enclosure tamper switch (optional).
  • Weatherproof protection with epoxy (optional). 
  • 48-bit read and Write keys are higth secured for mutual authentication (Mifare product). 
  • Unique key pair may be defined for each sector (Mifere product). 
  • Reader and card muet have the matching keys (Mifare product).


  • - Power supply: 12VDC 
  • - Working frequency: 13.56MHz 
  • - Reading distance: 4 - 8cm 
  • - Interface: Wiegand (26,34,44 bits), ABA Track2, RS232, RS485, USB 
  • - Card Format: ISO 14443A Mifare Card 
  • - Features: Bicolor (red / green) LED and Buzzer 
  • - Dimensions: 94mm x 43 mm x 15 mm