Tuesday, January 13, 2009

JoinMax RoboEXP Educational Kit

RoboEXP Educational Kit V3.0 is a beginner's kit designed especially for learning basic robot building skills and introducing design concepts. This kit is ideal for educational, scientific, engineering, and technological learning activities.

Explore robotics and have fun while building your own robots.


1. More than 290 pieces of mechanical parts bring your imagination into full play.
2. Various electronics parts endow your robot with intelligence.


* 8 analog ports and 12 digital ports, which could be designed as I/O freely.
* 2 high-current ports for motor.
* Embedded speaker.
* Low-current and communication indication.


* JMP-BE-1111 gray scale sensor 2 pieces

* JMP-BE-1610A touch sensor 2 pieces

* JMP-BE-1510 LED 2 pieces

* JMP-BE-2211 volume sensor 1 piece

* JMP-BE-3512 high toque motor 2 pieces

* RCU-imbedded speaker 1 piece

3. Easy to learn and easy to use. The programming platform can perform functions of icon-base flow chart editing, C-language code editing, and sensor data logging. Thus no matter you are a newcomer or a seasoned robotics hobbyist, you can program as you please.