Thursday, January 22, 2009

Emic Text-to-Speech Module

This module will let your robot speak, provide a real human console interface to your control system, or simply provide some entertainment to your Parallax microcontroller projects. Based on the Winbond WTS701, this device intelligently handles values, sentences, numbers andcommon abbreviations with an extremely natural female voice with simple serial string sentences.

Features of the Emic Text-to-Speech Module:
• Capable of embedded phonetic control for foreign and difficult-topronounce words
• Easy-interface SIP format 2.0 x 1.375 in. with 0.1 inch pin spacing
• Single 5 V supply with TTL serial interface (2-wire, 2400 baud)
• On-board 300 mW speaker driver
• Easy-to-use ASCII or hexadecimal command sequences
• Bi-color LED for visual feedback of activity
• Audio input pin for amplification of BASIC Stamp-generated sounds and sound effects
• Compatible with BASIC Stamp 2 module (and a PC serial port when connected using a MAX232 line driver)