Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Amber Color LED programmable moving message display

One Line Indoor Ultra Bright Amber LED Programmable Sign Display. Great for use in window displays or showroom. Due to its ultra bright LED's, your customers will be able to view your messages from outside the store, day or night.

-Ultra Bright Top Grade LED Single Color(Amber) with 2 LEDs in 1 Pixel
-Display Area: 7 x 160 Dots
-Power Consumption: 5-18W
-Display Dimension: 1287mm x 108mm x 44mm
-Character Height: 2.1"
-Memory Storage: up to 7000 Characters with up to 100 Messages.
-10 years memory save durable.
-Cyclic, Scroll, Explode, Pacman, Fall, Shoot, Flash, Random, etc., Up to 26 Animation Modes
-Program with The Software via remote control or pc via RS-232
-Built-in Clock Display: Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily, Hourly, and Minutely
-Schedule Message Program Available
-autorange / switching power suply input 100-240VAC
-1 Year Warranty.

*Package Includes The Display, Power Supply, Remote Control (2 Batteries not included), Software, Computer Cable, full alumunium brackets/enclosure