Wednesday, January 21, 2009

CF Interface RFID Reader module for PDA


PCR125 / MFR135 / RWD145 is a compact RFID reader module for PDA / Pocket PC with CF card interface. Easy to install RFID Reader module to PDA, just plug in PROMAG RFID reader module to CF card slot in PDA and install PROMAG demo program to computer, by way of data synchronizations to PDA. Then RFID reader module is able to read RFID tags by PDA connectivity.


�� Compatible with any PDA with CF interface
�� Support Windows CE operation system
�� Contactless reading
�� Small and compact design
�� Easy to install
�� Data collection terminal
�� Access control terminal
�� Time and Attendance
�� Logistics system
�� Guard tour terminal

Available Versions :

PCR125 --- 125Khz / Read only
MFR135 --- 13.56Mhz / Read only
RWD145 --- 13.56Mhz / Read & Write