Thursday, April 20, 2017

Relay Module, w/Status LEDS, 5V-Controlled

An I / O module consisting of an SPDT relay, in which the relay can generate a maximum current of 10 amperes with a 5 VDC coil voltage. In this module has also provided terminal blocks that can facilitate you in connecting the module to the microcontroller and output components (lights AC, led, motor, selenoida, etc.).

- This module can be used to control AC voltage up to 250 VAC @ 10 A and DC voltage up to 30 VDC @ 10A.
- Can be operated using 5 VDC coil voltage.
- Using terminal block type connector to facilitate the installation process to microcontroller and I / O components.
- Equipped LED as circuit indicator.
- Compatible with various variants of microcontroller (Arduino, AVR, MCS-51, PIC, ARM, etc)