Tuesday, April 18, 2017

iClebo OMEGA Vacuum Cleaning Robot

iClebo OMEGA is a floor cleaning robot incorporates the latest generation of a vacuum cleaner and a cleaning brush 2 side for floor cleaning results are optimal. OMEGA iClebo comes with a number of sensors more than its predecessor, such as dust sensor, gyro, IR sensor, PSD sensor, a bumper sensor, charging station sensors, wheel sensors, camera sensors, the sensors detect carpet, as well as the PE sensor. In addition to the OMEGA iClebo also include an increase in terms of mechanics and design, so that the robot is claimed to work 39% better than other similar products.

- Equipped with double brush on the right and left side for a more optimal cleaning.
- Using a mapping camera-based navigation system (20 fps), which is much more accurate and precise.
- Equipped with Smart Turbo Mode technology which will automatically increase the dust suction capability while on the carpet.
- Equipped with 3 working modes: Auto, Max, and spot.
- Equipped with sensors: camera sensors, gyro sensors, dust sensors, sensors detect carpet, bumper sensors, sensors detect charging station, PSD sensors, IR sensors, wheel sensors, and passive encoder (PE) sensor.
- Equipped with a lithium-ion battery that can mentenagai robot for 120 minutes.
- The process of charging can be done manually or automatically (robot will seek charging station position when the low battery condition).
- objects to climb to as high as 1.5 cm.
- Using the latest design, so as to reach the corners of the room.
- Dimensions: 346 x 354 x 87 mm.