Thursday, December 15, 2016

Multiwii Quad Drone Quadcopter DIY Starter Kit for Arduino

6D-Box MWC Multiwii Quad Drone Quadcopter DIY Starter Kit for Arduino, with 2.4GHz RC, 6-Axis Gyro
learning about quadcopter kit designed specifically for the hobbyist and beginners who do not have specialized knowledge in the field of quadcopter. Kit quadcopter is very light and can be operated in continuous or outdoor. This Quadcopter using controller-based Arduino Mega 328 and using 6-axis gyro sensor MPU6050 to keep his balance in the air. Quadcopter Kit is programmed using code MultiWii (MWC), open source allows users to organize the movement quadcopter. Inside this kit has also provided a handbook of basic knowledge low, the translation of the code MWC, and remote control operation instructions. The manual presents various technical aspects that can facilitate users in learning quadcopter kit with a relatively short time.
Fittings Products:
6 x M1.2 * 10 Self-tapping Screw
6 x M2 * 5 Nylon Screw
6 x M2 * 20 Nylon Screw
6 x M2 * 8 Nylon Standoff
6 x M2 * 15 Nylon Standoff
1 x Frame
2 x 6D-Box Cover
1 x 6D-Box LED Board
2 x Motor Protective Seat (Black)
2 x Motor Protective Seat (Red)
2 x Propeller Bumper (Red)
2 x Propeller Bumper (Black)
2 x Red Propeller Reverse (clockwise)
2 x Red Propeller Positive (counterclockwise)
2 x Black Propeller Reverse (clockwise)
2 x Black Propeller Positive (counterclockwise)
1 x Flight Control Board
1 x Li-Po battery (3.7V, 380mAH)
1 x Mini USB Cable
1 x 3.7V USB Charger for Li-Po Battery
2 x 720CW Motor (red & black wire)
2 x 720CCW Motor (black & white wire)
1 x USB To Serial for 6D-BOX
1 x 2-Pin Connector Cable
1 x 6-Pin Connector Cable
1 x 4mm Heat-shrink Tubing
1 x Remote Control Receiver (4-Channel)
1 x Remote Control
1 x 2mm Cross Screwdriver
1 x Propeller Removal Wrench