Thursday, December 29, 2016

Genuino 101: Balance Robot kit

Genuino 101 Balancing Robot Kit is a mini version of a segway that we often see. Genuino 101 Balancing Robot Kit is a two-wheeled robot that can stand up to balance its position continuously. This robot uses Genuino microcontroller 101 as the center controlling the whole movement and a gyro sensor and accelerometer 6-axis have also been embedded in Genuino 101 as a sensor to keep his balance. In addition to the robot is also equipped with LED indicators and LCD to simplify the user in understanding the working status of the robot.
With these features, the Genuino 101 Balancing Robot Kit is ideal when used as a medium of learning about microcontrollers, robotics, and the application of the concept of PID in daily life - the day, be it for students, students and hobbyist.

- Power Supply: Battery Turnigy Nano Tech 11.1 V 1000 mAh
- Controller: Genuino 101
- Driver: EMS 2A Dual H-Bridge
- Motor: GM250028 12V 300 RPM
- Battery Life: ± 3 hours
- Body Material: Acrylic 3 mm
- Work Terrain: Surface / flat surface (floor tiles, wooden tables, glass, etc.)
- Features: Equipped with LED indicators and LCD to facilitate understanding of robots working status