Friday, December 23, 2016

DFRobot CurieNano , mini Genuino/Arduino 101

Curie Nano is a super mini microcontroller board from DFRobot that berotakkan the Intel® Curie ?? 32 MHz 32-bit. Curie Nano is said to be a mini version of the Arduino / Genuino 101 for Curie Nano is equipped with some excellent features that almost exactly with Arduino / Genuino 101, such as a Bluetooth Low Energy, gyro sensor and accelerometer, and support the Real Time Operating System (RTOS ). The difference is only located in terms of size, the programming port and the number of I / O pins. Nano Curie basically is designed to work in applications of wearable because of its very small size and its power consumption is also very low. With Nano Curie, you can create a variety of wearable applications that you can take wherever such as device monitoring heart rate, blood pressure monitoring, monitoring the running speed, and a variety of other unique wearable applications.

  • Power supply 3.5 - 6.5 V
  • Features Supplied Li-Po battery port
  • Dimensions 44 x 24 mm
  • Based microcontroller / microprocessor Intel® Curie ??
  • Total port i / o 15 I / O
  • Port interface SPI, UART TTL, I²C, and USB
  • Bootloader RTOS (Real-Time Operating System
  • Micro USB programming port