Thursday, July 28, 2016

4 channel controller for Rover 5

4 channel controller for the Rover 5 is a module that is used to control a DC motor. This module can be used to control up to 4 DC motors. This module is also equipped with current sensors on each channel so that the microcontroller can receive feedback from each motor. In addition this module has a range of encoder that can combine 2 encoder inputs to 1 output signal (encoder mixing circuit).

- 4 pieces of low resistance FET ?? H ?? bridges.
- Each channel has a rated current of 4A.
- Control logic is simple.
- Monitoring currents for each channel.
- A range of mixing quadrature encoder.
- Power connector: 2 connector (5 VDC for logic, 12V (max) for motor)
- Sensor Flow: has a 1V output for each Ampere current consumed by the motor (maximum output 5VDC)
- Control Logic: 1 pin for direction (the direction of rotary motor) and one pin for PWM (motor speed)
- Power supply motors: 4.5V-12V DC with a current of less than 4.5A