Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Schmart Board P8X32A-Q44

Propeller microcontroller development board based P8X32A of parallax. This board has a 32-pin I / O, 8 resistive touch buttons, and 8 LEDs buffer. There are 3 types of interfaces that can be used on this board, namely: 3.3V Serial USART, I2C, and USB. In addition, some of the interesting features of this board is a built-in serial EEPROM and Delta Sigma Digital to Analog Converter which can be used for storage or processing of data. In terms of programming, you can download the program on this board with a micro USB cable and Propeller Tool software on the PC.


  • The power supply is 3.3V or 4-9V DC
  • Features touch buttons, LEDs, serial EEPROM, Delta Sigma DAC
  • Dimensions 5.0 x 7.6 x 0.84 cm
  • Based microcontroller / microprocessor Propeller P8X32A
  • Number of port i / o 32 I / O
  • Port USB interface, 3.3V USART, I2C
  • bootloader -
  • Micro USB programming port