Thursday, March 26, 2015

ISD1700 Series Starter Kit

This module uses the chip ISD17240 from Nuvoton to record and play back audio signals during 8 minutes. This module can be operated automatically or controlled by the controller.
A wide variety of applications of this module are: audio ads, toys, robot, announcer (announcement) automatically.

- Based IC recorder ISD17240PYI.
- Available connectors to connect to speakers or AUX output.
- Condenser Mic Input sound using the module or through the LINE IN connector.
- Equipped with tactile switches to control Vol, Play, Rec, Erase, Fwd, FT, and Reset.
- Comes with 2 pieces of LED as an indicator of the operating status of the module.
- There is also a connector for interface pad in SPI or parallel to the microcontroller.
- Requires power supply of 2.4 s / d 5.5 VDC.