Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Development board OM11049

OM11049 development board is a board with a 32bit processor NXP LPC1114 ARM Cortex-M0. This board has a high-performance (50MHz), low power consumption (130μA / MHz) and the ability to reduce power by 60% in sleep mode. OM11049 programming can be done with LPCXpresso IDE using C language.

  • 3.3 VDC power supply or 5.0V DC from USB
  • Features LPC1114 MCU, integrated JTAG debugger, In-system / application programing
  • Dimensions 34.29 x 138.43 mm
  • Based microcontroller / microprocessor ARM Cortex-M0 LPC1114
  • Number of port i / o 48
  • LPC-Link interface port, I2C, SPI
  • bootloader None
  • Port programming LPC-Link On-board (with 10 pin JTAG header)