Friday, March 06, 2015


NuEdu-SDK-NUC472 a microcontroller development board for NUC472. Users can use NuEdu-EVB-NUC472 to develop and test the application program with ease.

-Catu Power: 5VDC
-based Microcontroller / microprocessor NUC472 (ARM Cortex-M4)
-Support EWARM IAR or Keil RVMDK
-Have A header that is compatible with the Arduino so that it can be connected to an Arduino shield
-Terintegrasi Ethernet port 10/100 Mbps
-Support On-line debugger
-Sudah Integrated with Nu-Link-Me so that you no longer need an external programmer
-Package Sale: 1x NuEdu EVB NUC472, 1x NuEdu-Basic 01, Nu-Bridge 1x, 1x USB cable and 1x CD manual