Monday, September 15, 2014

AMK-4012PZT+DVR Dino-Lite Mobile

AMK-4012PZT+DVR Dino-Lite Mobile

AMK4012PZT-DVR is a great combination of portable digital microscope DinoLite with 5 inch LCD, this model also features a reflective polarization for the object and an SD card to store the images / videos. Mobile microscope is suitable for use in the field because it can be used without power supply. 

* Polarizer: Features to dampen the reflection of light on reflective objects.


Light/ LED type: White
Number of LEDs: 8
LED on/off switchable: Yes
Infrared filter: IR cut-filter >650 nm
Diffuser available :MSAA111A2 (optional accessory)
Emission filter: No
Polarizer: Yes, linear

Magnification:10-70x, 200x
Working distance: Standard
Lens type: Glass with anti-reflection coating

Sensor type:CMOS
Resolution: 720x576 pixels
Maximum frame rate:30 fps

Interface: TV (RCA) PAL
Housing material:Composite/ plastic housing
Magnification lock:No
Dimensions:Microscope: 10.5cm (L) x 3.2cm (D) Recorder: 131mm x 86mm x 18mm
Weight:Microscope: 95g Recorder: 200g
Cable length:1.8m

Microtouch sensor:Yes
ESD safe:No
Package contents:Microscope, 5" Portable LCD monitor/recorder, 4 GB MicroSD card, USB Connection cable, AC 110V/240V Power adaptor, Rechargeable battery, , User manual