Friday, September 19, 2014

AM4023X Dino-Eye (USB)

AM4023X Dino-Eye (USB)
Digital eyepiece that fits eyepiece slots with 23mm, 30mm, or 30.5mm apertures. 

The Dino-Eye Premier AM4023X digital eyepiece is a very adaptable digital eyepiece that can fit 23mm, 30mm, and 30.5mm eyepiece slots with its included adapters with its tubular design that is great for setting the right focal point for different types of microscopes. It has a 1.3 megapixel sensor with the ability for long exposures that's great for low light visibility. It allows clear and visible examination of specimens and superb viewing on a computer monitor.

The Dino-Eye can be found useful in a laboratory for observation and documentation, a production line for inspection, and much more. In addition to the merit of digitization, the user can find the experience of using a microscope to be more pleasant and comfortable especially for daily microscope users.


ModelAM4023X Dino-Eye (USB)
InterfaceUSB 2.0
Product Resolution1.3M pixels. (SXGA)
SensorColor CMOS
Frame RateUp to 30fps
Save FormatsImage:
DinoXcope: PNG ,JPEG

DinoCapture2.0: WMV, FLV ,SWF
DinXscope: MOV
Measurement FunctionYes
Calibration FunctionYes
Operating System SupportedWindows 7 ,Vista ,XP
MAC OS 10.4 or later
Unit Weight100(g) +/- 10(g)
Unit Dimension7.2cm (H) x 2.3cm (D)
Package Dimensions16cm (L) x 16cm (W) x 6cm (H)