Thursday, November 28, 2013

MT35A handheld UHF rfid reader

The MT35A modular handhed reader Mainly used in telecommunications, GPS, taking pictures , Barcode scanner , RFID Reader.

MT35A is a handheld wireless communication PDA, with high reliability and high scalability, applicable to all sectors of mobile business logic needs, business users can effectively reduce the focus on product hardware, efficiently and quickly developed a variety of business applications. Application areas include: logistics, warehouse management, fixed asset management, goods or livestock traceability, two-dimensional code reader or other electronic certificate, membership management, mobile sales visits, inspection or field staff management.

Product Advantages :
1 small size and easy to carry
2 Bluetooth wireless printing
3 support WIFI Bluetooth GPRS and other wireless communication function
4 built-in GPS module
5 . Meet international IP65 standard certification
6 . 3.5 Anti- half inches LCD for outdoor use
7 . Variety of optional modules can be customized according to your needs
8 standard configuration a 4500mAh lithium-ion polymer battery
9 . Scanning head are used world -class brand New World , Symbol or Honeywell products , optional depending on your needs. To support a variety of bar code scanning
10. Aside identity reader , fingerprint recognition, infrared temperature measurement , etc., scalability

Product Features :
1 3.5 LCD for outdoor use anti Cunban
2 built-in GPS module
3 Meet international IP65 standard certification
4 supports a variety of barcode scanning
5 RFID reader module can be loaded
6 reading aside identity , fingerprint identification, infrared temperature measurement , etc., scalability
7 Variety of optional modules can be customized according to your needs

Technical parameters:
  CPU: Marvell PXA910 806MHz
  Storage : 512M FLASH, 512M SDRAM memory
  USB Interface: A USB interface,
  Serial ports: An RS 232 serial port
  The host operating system ( optional ) : Android 2.3.7/Windows Mobile / Windows CE
  Anti transfer electronic data security measures : Using Flash memory technology, data is not lost
Wireless transmission module
2.WIFI short-range wireless transmission module (WLAN 802.11)

 Positioning Module ( Optional , depending on your needs )
1. Ublox The 5th Generation
2 Beidou II

Display Size 3.5 "
  Display Resolution : Resolution of 480 × 640
  Display supports true color : Support for 16-bit true color
  Touchscreen function: Support touch screen function
  Backlighting: Transflective backlit sunlight readable
  The effective optical pixels: 5,000,000 effective pixels Optical
  Photosensitive device : CMOS
  Focus mode : AF
  Scanning distance
Effective scanning distance : 5cm ~ 30cm
  Identification brightness
Does not help when the light is not less than 13Lx, fill light when there are identifiable 0.3Lx
  Optical positioning instructions , fill light function
Optical positioning instructions and fill light function

  1. Barcode reader ( supports 1D/2D codes , according to the needs optional ) :
  2. New World : EM1300 ( one-dimensional infrared )
  3. Symbol: SE955 ( one-dimensional laser )
  4. New World : EM3000 ( two-dimensional hardware decoding , compatible one-dimensional )

RFID reader module ( available upon request optional ) :
1. 13.56MHz HF reader
2. 900MHz UHF reader ams AS3992: ISO18000-6C (EPC Gen2)   / ISO18000-6A,B compatibility in direct mode
3. 134.2Khz 125Khz LF reader

Fingerprint identification ( aside , can be customized) :
Financial security level reading ability
Identity reading ( aside , can be customized ) :
The unique second-generation ID card aside acquisition interface
Infrared temperature measurement ( aside , can be customized)
Communication Module
  Communication Module
  Communications capabilities
 China Unicom to have nationwide coverage in a wireless communication network
  GPRS standard
 Support multi-slot GPRS (class 10, GPRSP class B). Encoding support GPRS CS-1, CS-2, CS-3, CS-4

  Power supply
Provide travel and wire charger , power supply for AC 220V
  Overcurrent protection
There overcurrent protection function
  Machine performance
  Equipment size
 175mm * 78mm * 27mm
  Battery indicator
  After the battery is fully charged , continuous reading ( reading every 5 seconds 1 ) more than 10 hours , more than 240 hours of standby time
  Charging time
  Charging time is less than 2 hours
3.7V/4500mAh lithium-ion polymer rechargeable battery, charging and discharging the battery life more than 5000 times
  Comply with GB / T 17618-1998 requirements
  Radio disturbance limits
  Comply with GB / T 9254-1998 Information technology equipment - Radio disturbance characteristics - Limits and test methods (B grade )
  Product Safety
  Comply with GB / T 18220-2000 provisions
  Appearance of the structure
  Buttons, switches
  Buttons, flexible and reliable switching operation , no loose parts meet the standards should be tightened
  Exterior:   Look no corrosion, no coating loss, no obvious scratches, cracks , burrs and other mechanical damage, a clear sign
  Shell :  When exposed to 60N force , surface should not cause permanent deformation and damage. Comply with GB / T 4208 IP65 degree of protection required
  Input Method
  Support handwriting input , full-screen handwriting input , Chinese Pinyin input
  Chinese Character Set
  GB18030 Chinese character set support
  Ambient temperature:   -10 ℃ to 50 ℃
  Relative Humidity :  Maximum 90%
  Atmospheric pressure:   86-106Kpa