Thursday, November 28, 2013

LinkSprite 4TV WiFi Wireless Display (WiDi) - TV Adapter

The LinkSprite 4TV WiFi Wireless Display (WiDi) - TV Adapter is a universal wireless media box connecting smart device including iPhone, iPad, Android smart-phone, Android Tablet and Notebook to big HDTV without wire. 4TV uses high speed P2P or LAN connection to transfer control commands and media data stream from media server which would be iPhone, iPAD, Android Phone, Android Pad, PC and Notebook to 4TV receiver and then displaying media clips (movie, music and photos) and screen captures on HDTV.

• Wirelessly brings PC screen with synchronized audio to HDTV in 1080p full HD resolution and super low latency
• Compliant with standard DLNA devices that stream media files to HDTVs and living room HiFi system
• Use iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet as remote control to control contents in PC or cloud server remotely