Friday, May 17, 2013

RC-100A remote controller

IR-based remote control, ZigBee or Bluetooth for Bioloid robot kit or OLLO
- Having three means of sending data: IR (standard), Zigbee (optional), and bluetooth (optional)
- For ZigBee, fully compatible with robotic kit that uses the CM-5 controller (ZIG-100) or CM-100, CM-510, CM-700 is by using the ZIG-110
- To IR, fully compatible with robotic kits that use the controller CM-100 and CM-510
- For Bluetooth, full compatible with the robot kit using CM-100A controller, CM-510/CM-530, CM-700
- Requires IR Receiver as an additional module infrared receiver
- Requires additional ZIG-100 module / ZIG-110 as a recipient of ZigBee interface
- Requires additional BT-110 bluetooth module as antarmukan bluetooth receiver.
- This remote control IR feature by default, if you want to use ZigBee, required additional ZIG-100 module
- It has 11 buttons
- Has 128 combinations of emphasis when using the IR feature
- Has 512 combinations of emphasis when using ZigBee features
- Power supply 3VDC (2x AA alkaline batteries)

Part Usage
  • This is a devices to communicate with the robot via IR, ZIGbee, or Bluetooth.
  • If nothing is mounted the default communications is via IR.
  • Mount the ZIG-100 to communicate via ZIGbee.

How to Use
  • Turning the power on 
  • POWER/MODE in the middle is the power button. Red LED flickers 2 times if the button is pressed.
  • Turning the power off
  • Pressing POWER/MODE button for more than 1 sec, red LED filckers 3 times (4 times when ZIG-100 is plugged), and then it is turned off.
  • Automatic Powersave Mode
  • If RC-100 is not used for more than 2 minutes, (if no buttons are pressed) the power is automatically turned off.
  • Transmitting button-pressed status
  • If the button of RC-100 is pressed, the packet related to the pressed button is transmitted to the receiving module which is synchronized by the connected transmitting module.
  • Even at the moment of releasing all buttons, the packet which shows the buttons are not pressed is transmitted.
  • Please refer to Remote Control Code Map on the packet.