Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Flame sensor UVtron R9454

The R9454 is the side-on type (UV light enters from the bulb side) having a similar shape to the R2868 UVtron and also offers high sensitivity and a wide field of view (directivity).


Spectral Response (Short)185 nm
Spectral Response (Long)260 nm
Electrode MaterialNi
WeightApprox. 1.5 g
[Maximum Rating] Supply Voltage (DC)500 V
[Maximum Rating] Average Discharge Current1 mA
[Maximum Rating] Peak Current30 mA
[Maximum Rating] Operation Ambient Temperature-0.333333333 ℃
Discharge Starting Voltage (DC)360 V
Discharge Sustaining Voltage (DC)300 V
Sensitivitiy Typ.4000 min-1
Background Max.10 min-1
Average Life10000 h
[Recommended Operating Parameters] Supply Voltage (DC)400 +/- 25 V
[Recommended Operating Parameters] Average Discharge Current0.3 mA
[Recommended Operating Parameters] Quenching Time Min.2 ms