Wednesday, August 19, 2009


ZX-SERVO16 - 16 CH. Serial Servo Controllers. This product or portions there of is manufactured under license from Parallax Inc., USA. Copyright Parallax Inc., 2000. All rights reserved.

Features :
  • Runtime Selectable Baud rate. 2400 to 38k4 Baud.
  • 16 Servos. All servos driven simultaneously all of the time.
  • 180 degrees of rotation.
  • Servo Ramping. 63 ramp rates (0.75 - 60 seconds) allows the user to set the speed of each servo on a per-move basis. You may choose one of 63 ramp rates for each servo.
  • The ramping function allows you to individually set the speed of each servo. With ramping, you can tell the servo where to go, and just how fast to get there. The result is true, “set-it and forget-it” functionality.
  • Speed range for 0 - 180 degrees of rotation is 0.75 second to 60 seconds.
  • Position Reporting. User may request position of an individual servo at any time. This command allows you to request the position of a servo channel, be it stationary or on the move.
  • Network Ready. Two modules may be linked together to drive 32 servos at the same time. It is possible to network two ZX-SERVO16 boards together to control up to 32 servos.
  • Simply use a second 3-Conductor cable to daisy chain two ZX-SERVO16 boards together as shown in the documentation. The presence of a shunt differentiates between Unit 0 (channels 0-15) and Unit 1 ( channels 16-31).
  • Enhanced Resolution. Use of 16-bit PWM timers enables 0 - 180 degree servo rotation at 2 microseconds per step.
  • Serial Command Format. ZX-SERVO16 supports several commands that are sent to it via RS-232 serial protocol. The voltage swing of this serial line is 0-5 VDC (TTL level). Each serial command must be preceded with an exclamation point, “!”, and the pair of letters, “SC”.