Saturday, August 15, 2009

Robot Dog - with 15 degrees of freedom

Robot Dog- with 15 degrees of freedom
Model No.: JM-DOG-001

Since Sony’s introduction of the robotic dog “Aibo” last year, it has aroused tremendous interest in the robotic toy industry. The Joinmax initial introduction of a robotic dog with 15 degrees of freedom is aiming to establish a robotic dog platform to provide a more flexible playground for the Robotic Dog
enthusiast community. Through the construction of this robotic dog, one can have a much better understanding of the fundamental concept of a robotic dog’s mechanical architecture and its basic principle of movement. This platform can also support other sensors, such as “sight”, “smell”, “Hearing”, “sensing”, which will be introduced later to make this robotic dog more intelligent and more fun to play with.

Kit Contents:
1. Over 100 mechanical components to be assembled by user.
2. 15 mini-servo motors and its controllers.
3. PC connection cable.
4. Mini Servo ExplorerTM software (Win98/2000/XP)
5. User manual