Sunday, August 30, 2009

PDX-800 The Parallel Port Data Acquisition Experiment Board

PDX-800 : The Parallel Port Data Acquisition Experiment Board.

This is an experiment board system for basic data acquisition. It can process analog signals of DC voltage 0 to +5V and convert them into digital data which is sent to a computer via parallel port interface. This data is then monitored by its graphic-user-interface based software.

Experimenters will learn about DAQ concepts and create their own experiments the DAQ experimental software. This kit is suitable for anyone who has interest in DAQ system. Visual programming knowledge is highly recommended.

Features :
* On-Board NTC thermistor 1k @ room temperature * On-board LDR light sensor * Input for resistance measurement : Maximum of 150kO * Input for voltage measurement : Maximum of +5Vdc * 4-Channel external analog input * 8-Bit A/D converter circuit using PCF8591 ICs * 2-Ch.8-bit D/A converter output of 0 to +5V * Connection via PC’s parallel port with buffer circuit