Wednesday, August 19, 2009

RFID V2 video door phone

V2 video door phone

Read EM Card. It is suitable for the entrances and exits of factory, office, commerce organization, house… and so on.

·TFT color LCD
·TFT brightness adjustment
·TFT chroma adjustment
·Direct talk
·Special single CCD, Clear picture
·Direct control electronic lock
·Read EM Card (125KHz)
·Working Voltage: 15V±10%
·Working Current: 250mA
·Relay load:3A
·Sending loudness=34dB
·Speaker loudness=75dB
·Ring loudness=75dB
·Operating noise: =60dB
·Operating Temperature: -10 - +45
·Humidity 20% - 80%
·Atmosphere pressure: 86KPa-106KPa
·Total cable length: =80m
·Communication lines used:53(RVV) 4 ×=1.0