Wednesday, August 19, 2009

EasyPRO 800 universal programmer

EasyPRO 800 / EasyPRO 500 a series universal programmer.

EasyPRO a major technological breakthrough, from performance to appearance to You! A new experience, great prices and competitive advantage all over the country's sales and service network is the only option for you. Sharpen up from Jianfeng Bao: With long-term accumulation of experience, consistent focus over the years, strong technology capacity, after three years.

Design of continuous improvement and the test of rigorous testing, EasyPRO800/500 to achieve new breakthroughs in the wide, high-speed, strong stability, broad support ...

Superior technology, flexible design: the leading pin detection, automatic restart function Insert become more efficient and convenient operation, the real achievement of the program.

Temporal database programming storage by the host computer, just download the free software upgrade, a flexible PC software designed to bring the unlimited potential of programmer, to adapt to future development.

  • Top Block Lock import: choose the most inexpensive price, feel the most comfortable, the quality of the most reliable brand of the United States
  • "ARIES"'s 48PIN Locking Block, in order to make products more user-friendly, users better placed chip programmer to improve the speed, I would lock the handle to seat the "Left Edge and longer. "
  • Leading design: lessons of the 3 years to create electronic products mold shell to open the experience of the industry into a new design ideas and concepts, From the point of view of ergonomics should pay more attention to human nature, and form a more fluid appearance.
  • Leading technical support: learn the advantages of the world's most advanced programmer, through continuous improvement and testing, research the reliability of the device characteristics and circuit Start a new program designed to control the circuit and well-designed 4 layer circuit boards, the circuit self-generated noise to a minimum, At the same time ensure that every operating point control circuit waveform accuracy to achieve the goal of reliable chip programmer.
  • Built high-speed processors, timing programmer do not rely on PC, to ensure that the precise timing and high programming speed programming.
  • 48PIN-pin-wide drive to achieve universal and can be used for data bus, address bus, control bus, bus driver and the programming voltage contact pin does not Good measurement of a dedicated bus, such as, programming voltage, I / O port with the core-level change, automatic adaptation.
  • System default 500mA over-current protection circuit to prevent accidents completely; if there are special needs, over-current tolerance can be user Amend. At the same time, the port has a master chip over-voltage protection circuit to effectively prevent high-pressure at the time of the impact of programming.
  • Adapter without the use of expensive direct support 1.8V low-voltage block device, and program stability and reliable performance.
  • Using USB interface, fast and reliable, great save system resources to ensure that programming at the same time the barrier-free to run other programs.
  • Pin detection: reliable detection of the anti-chip interpolation, interpolation wrong and bad films, to enhance the burning of the OTP chip yield can be with any country Comparable to a time when well-known programmer.