Tuesday, April 07, 2009

PUA-310 Thin sensor head reader / card reader

PUA-310 sensor read head (non-contact RF card reader head), format: Wiegand (Victoria G 26,34 bits), ABA Track2 (magnetic cards, the second track), RS232, RS485. With the Company (or other brand ) offline or connect and control of host-based connection, constitute Inductive attendance access control management system.

Product Features
* Proximity / RF / Remote reader to send out Wiegand / TTL / RS-485 / RS -232C and other signal.
* 125KHz ASK type and various Wiegand format (26/34/44 bits) output.
* Reading range from 8 to 15 cm .
* Latest compact size contact less/proximity reading technology provides an user friendly solution access controller-no swiping or contact required
* Passive contact less card and key fobs require no batteries
* Weather resistant. "Epoxy Potted" construction ensures consistent performance in the most adverse environment
* Easy to install, low profile and designed for indoor or outdoor application
* With CPU watch-log function to prevent malfunction
* The HID proximity readers are reading HID compatible 125KHz / ASK contact less card/key tag etc.


Mounting :Surface Mount, waterproof
Reading Range :10 cm
Operating Temperature: -15°C ~ 55°C
Humidity: 20%~90% RH, Non condensation
Power supply: 12 V DC
Frequency of Operation: 125 KHz
Format: 26 bits Wiegand, other formats available
Dimension :116 (L) x 76(W) x 13(H) mm
Weight: 250g